Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Blessings of a New Year!

I have to say that I had hoped by now to have posted my Christmas '07 pics of our family, but as I said at the start of this new journey of blogging, I am technologically handicapped and so until Richard has a moment to help me download my pics from my new camera, those of you waiting on pics will have to just sit tight a while longer. It has not been uncommon for me in the past to send Christmas pics out by "snailmail" on Valentines. I had hoped to be a bit more on the ball by now. Oh well, I am not going to sit and brew/stew over it! (What am I trying to say?) On with more about why I am writing today!

2008 has been such a good year so far and I am just looking forward with great anticipation of what the Lord has in store for us! Our little church which had 33 in attendance the Sunday we were called here in December 2006, had 31 in just one of our 4 Sunday School classes last Sunday and over 50 in Worship, with at least 8 of those being visitors and some of our members being out due to illness/travel. Now, I am not a numbers kind of gal, but I happen to know that these numbers represent wonderful people who have either joined our precious fellowship or who are contemplating joining. Also, they are the Lord's answer to so many prayers of our church and us! We have prayed for leaders and people who have a sincere desire to see our community reached for Christ and the Lord has sent us just that! On a personal note, they represent a confirmation that we are exactly where the Lord wants us to be in spite of our own weaknesses and failures! The Lord is SO faithful!

One more note- the Lord took one of our faithful members home to be with Him this past week. And although it is a loss to our fellowship, and Bro. Robert Evans will be greatly missed around Calvary Baptist Church and by the Harvey family as he was a dear friend to us all, I know that he is with His Lord rejoicing with the angels! I also, know that although it was a great shock to us, it was not a surprise to God, Who is in control and Who is always perfect in His timing and plans! It will be a difficult road for Mrs. Shirley, Bro. Roberts wife of more than 50 years, but with God's sweet grace and with the love and support of her church family she will be victorious! I have already sensed it in the peace she has as I have talked with her.

I know I have talked more about our church in this blog, than I have about our little family as this was one of my main goals for this blog. But for those of you who are in ministry know, ministry and church life, undoubtedly as the Lord intends, are a major thread in the tapestry of family. My boys love these people as much as we do and I am thankful when Graham (age 4 1/2) gets giddy about it being "church" day once again, and when Wesley (age 2) cries when we, on our way somewhere else, pass by the church and do not stop! In this new year, 2008, may we be found faithful as the Lord is faithful in serving this precious family we call Calvary Baptist Church, Hamilton, Texas!