Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Away in a Manger

We had our annual Hanging of the Green service Sunday night. It was truly beautiful and I wish I had gotten better pics of it. It was difficult in the low light and I had little opportunity because I was helping direct children. I will take some pics of the church with the lights up and post them later. I did capture the children singing on video, though. Just before they sang, they proceeded into the sanctuary, some carrying nativity figures to put in place. Wesley didn't have a piece and he got upset and decided he would not get up and sing. (He didn't cry, just pouted and sat down on the pew.) So, that is why he is not up there. Graham is in the very middle. He is one of about 3-4 actually doing the hand motions. I tell you this because as you will see there are a couple of kids on the left end who tend to be a bit more lively...LOL. Just precious! Enjoy!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tuckered Out Little Elf

I had hoped by today to have our house completely in order so that we could go get our tree and start decorating for Christmas. It didn't happen. So, today we all spent the day finishing up cleaning and we are going to go Monday after school to get the tree and spend Monday night decorating it. We are going to go ahead and put out all the other stuff tomorrow afternoon. It worked out because we are such big college football fans in our household that we didn't want to miss the SEC Championship or the Big 12 Championship and this way we didn't have to do so.

As I was taking a break this afternoon, I noticed that I didn't here Wesley. I asked Graham if he was taking a nap, but he told me no, he wasn't. Not a minute later, Richard asked me to come see something in the front of the house. I figured it was Wesley and asked should I get my camera. He nodded affirmatively. So, where was our little elf?

Under our dining room table fast asleep!!! zzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!
Such a cutie pie...my little elf!