Friday, March 5, 2010

Snow Day Pictures

I know, I'm falling behind yet again! Here are my snow day pictures from the Friday before Valentines Day, February 12th! It started out sleeting sometime in the night but changed over to snow by early morning. When Justus woke us about 7:00 huge flakes were falling and they fell all day! It was absolutely beautiful and we had a ball playing! It was very wet snow, though, so we had to take breaks and come in and dry our clothes. Our power went out for about 4 hours but we never really noticed! (Thankfully I had already made our chili!) The next day we still had lots of snow on the ground and it was sunny so we had more fun playing! It was a fun 2 days! Now if only the cold temps would go away and Spring would come on in! It is March after all and I'm ready for warmer temps, green grass & leaves, and flowers!

This slideshow is of just landscapes. I took the most peaceful walk all over our hillside, the church grounds and over to our neighbor's lake just across the lane from our house! God's beauty never stops amazing me!

This slide show is of our fun! It was hard to get good pics on the day is snowed because the flakes were so big and they would either block somebody's face or they would land on the camera lens and make it blurry! But I managed to get a few in! The next day, when it was sunny with a bright blue sky, it was a much better day for pics! You will notice we made a snowman village and used Mr. Potato Head apparatus & Lego blocks to design them! We had lots of fun!

Hope you enjoy!

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