Friday, February 5, 2010

Music to My Ears

I wanted to tell you all about my newest "gadget" on my blog. If your volume on your sound is up when you visit, then you already know that I have added music to my blog. I have wanted to do so for a while. I know some people who just have one song which plays when you visit their blog, but when I decided to do this, I could not decide on just one song. I will try to change it up from time to time, (maybe with the seasons). But I L~O~V~E the songs I have so far!

I used "Playlist" ( to do it. It is FREE, so you have to love that! And, it was SUPER easy!!! If you want to change the song that is playing when you visit you can just scroll down until you see the application and then click on the song title that you want to hear. Also, you can scroll up and down the list by using your arrow keys on your keyboard.

I wish I had room to tell you WHY I love each of these songs. Since I do not, I will tell you why I love one of these songs! On Playlist you can search by song title or artist. As I was searching one of my favorite artists, Travis Cottrell, (He is the Worship Leader at all of Beth Moore's Living Proof Live events), I saw the song title, "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty!". It is actually an old hymn and part of what I love about Travis is that he does such a beautiful job in arranging hymns! Even more, this was the song I chose to enter the sanctuary when I got married, instead of the traditional Wedding March. So you can imagine how excited I was to find it there! I think it is the most beautiful I have ever heard it arranged and I love how it truly is made into a PRAISE song to our Lord Who is SO PRAISE~WORTHY! Don't be confused by the fact that it starts out with a woman singing. He does record solos, but he also records with his praise teams that he organizes for the Living Proof Live events as well. I'm sure this is one of those.

So, I know that you may not have time to listen to them all in one sitting, but as you come back I invite you to listen to them all over time. I hope you enjoy and are lifted up, challenged and drawn to His throne as you listen to my inaugural playlist of what I hope are many to come! (Don't forget to turn up your volume!)