Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Visit to Granbury

Back in October Grandmama and Grandaddy (Richard's parents) came for a visit and stayed the entire week in a time share condo on Granbury Lake. Their first day here was on a Saturday and so we took them to visit the town square in Granbury. We happened unexpectedly upon the town's Fall Celebration and it was really nice! Along with all their cute shops they also had vendors set up all around the courthouse. The weather was perfect and we topped it off with dinner at Babe's Restaurant and icecream at their old fashioned soda fountain shop. Here are some pics. I could kick myself for not getting any of the boys with Grandaddy and Grandmama!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Being Graham

From the time Graham was able to sit up by himself, he has been bopping to any sound with a beat. I so wish that we had a video camera when he was younger to capture some of his moves in those early years. He loves music and moving to music. It is a good thing that his teacher uses music so much in her teaching methods (esp. with reading), because he is flourishing. She told me at our first conference just before the first 6 weeks report cards were sent out that they don't like to give out E's (for excellent) on the first card because they want there to be room for improvement. Well, on his first card he DID have 1 E for excellent - it was in Music.

This video shows a glimpse of him...being Graham! It is in the outdoor waiting area of Babe's Restaurant in Granbury. We visited there a couple of weeks ago when Richard's parents were in town. I will post more pics from that day next time. Meanwhile, enjoy Graham and all that entails.

P.S. I'm not sure if I will post on YouTube, but the joy I get from him is worth far more than any prize I could make off him!