Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Fall!

Fall is in the air! We haven't had super cool weather yet, but Sunday's temps were really nice! We have already made it to an Auburn football game, (I will post pictures of that day soon). And, of course, mums are out and so I couldn't resist! I've been wanting to make our front entrance warm and inviting for some time, but knew that the seasons would be changing soon, so I put it off until favorite time of the year! Believe it or not I was able to do all of this for a very reasonable price...this is definitely the time of year to buy planters and plants that are more summer hardy (all on clearance!). I will just have to make sure when the really cold weather comes to get them inside. I also was able to get my arrangement on my door for WAY less than had I done it myself...another great Walmart find! It had some purple flowers in it that did not go at all so I took them out and replaced them with 3 picks that had fruit, gourds and berries on them that were also very cheap! I am very pleased! Now all I need is a pumpkin or 2 on my steps...I will wait until October for those. :) Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Special Spaces

Eventually I will give a room by room tour of our new house, but in the mean time I thought I would post about some special spaces that I've been working on. This last week especially, I've been inspired and had the energy, so I've been quite industrious. It is a good feeling! So here we go:
This first set of pics is of our family room bookcase. I've been putting this off for quite a while, so it is nice to finally get it organized and all set up. I originally thought I would not have room to put all of my books and our photos and knick knacks on them, but I had plenty of room and so Richard let me display some of his books that are really pretty sets. You also get a peek at our new furniture, although I didn't realize that the pillows are disheveled until I started posting the pics. You can probably guess who the "guilty party" is, huh Wesley! :)

This one is my favorite of the 3 sections because it is a display of all my boys' hospital infant pictures. They grow up so fast!!!

As you can see in this shot of the middle section, our computer is set up here, too. I like this a lot! We can even "hide" our printer in the cabinet below the shelves. I am an organization "freak", so I really like all the space in the cabinet and drawers to keep our office supplies and computer accessories.

This 3rd section includes most of my devotional books and home organization books. I really like it too!

I wanted you to see this shot because it was the perfect place to hang my Texas star that I won in a Keno game in Hamilton. It will always remind me of our life there!

This next section is our formal dining room. It is the opposite end of a large room that includes our formal living room, too, but I will post pics of it later. I love so many things about this room! The furniture really looks pretty together even though none of it was a set (except the table and chairs). I cannot believe that I got these curtains at Walmart! They are faux silk and they are the perfect color...and did I mention...Walmart!!! Lastly, I love my petticoat table, which is the piece to the left. It was my grandmother's and when I was a little girl I would sit and play in front of it's mirrored door for hours. She always stored my games and crayons in it...such wonderful memories! And, it is a beautiful piece to display my antique glassware!

I also love the wall color. We did not pick it. It was already this color, but it is the perfect color for all of our things! God is SO good!!!

This view shows our beautiful large picture window.

If you have ever visited me before, you know that this is another of my favorite pieces. It is an antique marble topped chest that I inherited from my favorite aunt on my Daddy's side, Aunt Sister. This is in a spot that kind of divides our kitchen from our family room. I really love the iron cross that my friend Cameron gave us for a house warming present. {I told you, Cameron, I found a perfect spot for it! :)}

This is another nook that we put together this week. I say "we" because Richard played a huge part by painting my shelf and bench this beautiful black. I should've taken before and after pics because he did a GREAT job! I really like the red and black together. This is in my kitchen at our side door, which enters from our carport and is the most used by everyone! Isn't it a "Welcoming" spot!

Yesterday and today I worked on the boys' playroom. I L-O-V-E that they have a playroom!!! I still have some wall decorating to do, but for the most part it is organized and I really like how it turned out!

I was originally going to get a denim futon cover but I think I really like the red better and it was a much better price...another Walmart deal! It coordinates well with the denim "overall" valance.

We gave the boys our old computer so they can play games. (It's inside the armoire.)

Another nice thing about their playroom...another closet!

Speaking of closets, I organized the boys' bedroom closet last week. They have a very nice walk-in closet with lots of room. Wesley's side is on the left and Graham's side is on the right. I especially like the coat hook rail that Richard installed for their back packs and jackets when the weather turns cooler.

So, as you can see, I've been a busy bee! More to do this week...we are painting Justus''s a hint...Warrrrr Eagle! More pics coming soon! :)