Friday, May 29, 2009

I Like It...Finally!

I have been searching for a new blog layout that I really like and I think I've finally found it. It took blood, sweat and tears (OK it was just tears), but I think this one will last me for some time! I know it's let me know if it hurts your eyes and I will try to tone it down...but like I said, I REALLY like it!
I know I'm really behind on posting! :( I've had a lot of catching up with housework and lots going on this month with the end of school. I promise to try to post more often. I have some really cute stuff to post of the boys, especially Graham with his T-ball season and with his Kindergarten year coming to an end. For now I thought I'd leave you with some random pics that I've taken in the last few months of where we live. Enjoy!

I love Texas windmills & Texas sunsets!

Another beautiful sunset at our friends, the Newtons!

Sunset on our way home from Waco.

Golden waves of grain...actually wheat and the green behind it is corn.

Some strange looking never stormed here, but it did West of us.

Just after I planted my vincas...They are blooming beautifully now!

My beautiful geranium!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Graham's Texas Cultural Day

Today was Texas Cultural Day at Graham's elementary school. In the past they have always had a multi-cultural day, but this year they decided it was time to celebrate all the cultures that have influenced the great state of Texas. (Texans are quite proud, you know!) Graham's kindergarten classes were the first to perform and they entertained us with Mexican dances. I've posted the following video of them.(Graham is in a white plaid shirt, black belt, black boots & jeans) The first dance was a little long, but hang in there for the other two because they are really fun to watch. It seemed Graham and his partner, Brianna, were just a little behind, especially at the very end...their Ola was definitely delayed! But that's what makes it so cute to watch. Also, I have posted a slide show of some pics from the rest of the performance. Each grade did something different. Their costumes were really cute and it was all very entertaining. I loved how they did it outside on the tennis courts. We had great seating and the weather cooperated wonderfully! I hope you all enjoy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Playing Catch-Up...Spring 2009

I'm not going to write much in this post. This is mainly to post pictures from this Spring. I never realized how busy we are this time of year and May is not going to be much different! This may be long, but hang in there...I'm sure you will find at least one pic to prompt a smile! Enjoy!

These first photos are of our niece(Richard's sister's daughter), Katy before her prom.

Katy & her mom, Janelle.

Katy & her dad, Gary.

Katy with Grandaddy & Grandmama (Harvey).

Katy & boyfriend.

Graham with Katy's dog Krissy.

Wesley with Katy's dog, Krissy. (Yes, Krissy is wearing a dress and I'm pretty sure she was traumatized after meeting my boys! :)

Justus - HHS Bulldogs Varsity Baseball

Graham had a health day at school. Isn't it nice of him to share with Wesley! :)

These next few photos are of the boys after church one Sunday in March.

This next set is of the boys Easter Sunday. We had a wonderful Easter Worship service and the day turned out pretty despite early morning storms so we were able to egg hunt. Justus was a great big brother and hid them for his two younger brothers.

Graham and Wesley in their new Easter outfits.

My handsome crew!

Mama to Wesley -"Who came to visit you and bring you all this?" Wesley replies..."Daddy!" LOL. Graham then leans over and whispers in his ear..."No, the Easter Bunny!"

Graham...always the first to get up!

This next set is at our park where Graham's Kindergarten class had their egg hunt on the soccer fields next to the playground. After the hunt, they all played for a while!...Wesley, too!

My monkeys!

Graham & his good friend, Denver.

Mrs. Kneuper making sure they all know what direction to run to "hunt" their eggs! I had a lot of fun "hiding"/tossing the eggs to be found with my new friend, Mrs. Shelley Hale, who has a daughter in Graham's class, named Emily. Shelley is also a blogger...Yea!!!

These last few are miscellaneous pics from this spring.

Graham before his "Farm" Musical program at school. I hope to post the video soon.

Graham was really excited to get his new T-ball uniform. More T-ball pics to post soon!

This is our everyday outdoors scene...riding their motorcycles and bikes and trikes outside on the sidewalk and of my favorite things about where we live!