Friday, June 27, 2008

Love Those Puppies!

I want to thank my friends, Rebecca (Proverbs Mom) and Cameron (4 Hall Girls) for inspiring me to change my blog look! They are wonderfully supportive and helpful whenever I ask them the "how to's" and I so appreciate their time to stop and help me. They are very busy moms, but are very good friends, too! So, THANK YOU both so much! Also, I must thank Richard for his enduring patience with me and help in figuring out how to do this, too. It truly was a trial and error project, but well worth it! I really love my new look. And, I hope you all do, too!



queen of sheba said...

It's PERFECT Shannon!! I am so proud of you!!

Now that's teaching a man how to fish LOL!!!

The Hall's said...


JGWmom said...

Thanks ya'll!!! I'm really glad you like it!