Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm Getting Excited!

I will soon have pictures to post of Graham's birthday party, Saturday, June 28th. (Friday, the 27th was actually his birthday. He turned 5. I can hardly believe it! I also have pictures to post of Justus' sports (more football, track and baseball). And, I still have to post pics from youth camp.
But what I am getting so excited about right now is VBS. We are 2 days into the decorating and I am so very EXCITED about what God is going to do! We received so much from First Baptist Church of Academy, Texas and we also received a lot from First United Methodist of Hamilton. Our hallways are lined from end to end with water and fish with blue clouds on one side and on the other sand with seashells and beachballs and sandcastles. There are 3 huge palm trees on the sand side and surf boards and a dune buggy. The Missions Outlook room is beautiful thanks to Ken and Stella Taylor who will be teaching the Missions lessons. The Crafts room is almost complete and is equally beautiful thanks to Bobbie and Buttons Bass. Bobbie will be leading crafts. Thanks also to them for the hallways and the Snack Shack awning as well as a whole lot of other help they have given!!! Our Bible Study Beach Hut is about half-way complete and we still have to put up our volcano and waterfall in the sanctuary. We also have the foyer area to do which will serve as the registration area of VBS. It is all coming together so wonderfully and although it is tiring work, it will be so worth it when the kids come rolling in on Monday morning ready to learn all about how God is REAL! I just cannot wait to see how God will bless! First Baptist of Academy is also sending youth and adults to help us lead in VBS. We are soooooo blessed!
Please be in prayer for us! If you got an email from me about a month ago with all of our prayer needs, please continue to pray for those! If you need another copy, let me know. Richard and I and our family really need to be covered in your prayers as well! It is stressful on the boys being out of our routine. Granddaddy and Grandmama will be here tomorrow through Saturday to help with them! I know they will enjoy their time together! Richard still has all of his studying for Sunday to do and we are hosting a July 4th church picnic on Friday afternoon to register kids for VBS. Also there is the visiting of sick folks and other ministry that Richard has to do. We just really covet your prayers this week and next.
I love VBS! It's going to be GREAT! All praise and honor to HIM, the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!


The Hall's said...

Sounds great! We will be praying! I am so glad you are posting often. I love being able to keep up with you!


queen of sheba said...

Can't wait to know how it goes! Don't forget to take pix to post!! We are praying...

JGWmom said...

Thanks so much for praying, y'all! It means so much!!! Our folks were so amazed tonight at Wednesday night prayer meeting by all the decorations. I think it really inspired them to REALLY pray and we had more people volunteer! Praise the Lord! I will definitely post pics and let y'all see how it all comes together! Thanks again!