Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Blessings

The following are 2 of my favorite videos from December. I have several more that you are more than welcome to check out at the following link:

The reason I chose these two is because they each touch my heart in a special way. First of all the one of Wesley helping Richard lighting the tree is special because it shows his personality so well. He is most always this happy and joyful!!! He is always singing, too! I love that he is "Fa la la la la-ing as they work their way around the tree! It also melts my heart to hear him say,"Hi, Mama! Love you, too!"

In the second one, it is New Year's Eve and Justus had gone to a party at a friend's house. So we decided to let the little ones enjoy some sparkler fun and they did! Wesley was somewhat amazed by them at first and just watched them burn in his hand. Graham with his imagination pretended he was seaching for "clues"! We all had a great time! Later we played Candyland which I also filmed and you can see on my share page of one true media. I love to watch my boys having such a good time together! I remember someone asking me after I had Graham if I would have any more children. My answer was, "I'm not sure." First of all because neither he nor Justus had been planned, but also because I knew we were headed back to Seminary and that would be hard to plan for with trying to get new jobs and finish school, etc. My one comment FOR another child, was that I would love for Graham to have a brother to play with, because I had watched Justus grow up without a sibling and I wish he had had a playmate. With all that said, I truly believe the Lord was listening to my heart that day and because He is God and truly does take care of His own, He gave me the desire of my heart and gave Graham a special little playmate and buddy! In the eyes of the world it would have been an impossible feat to have Wesley when we did, but my God worked out every detail. Not one need went unmet! And we have a beautiful and precious family that Richard and I could have never "planned" ourselves! They are our BLESSING & GREAT JOY...our GIFT from OUR LORD! God's timing and plan is always perfect and I am in awe of His entrusting us with such treasures! I pray our effort will honor Him! He knows our imperfections and our shortcomings, yet He empowers us with His Holy Spirit and guides us with the truth and wisdom of His Word! May we be found faithful in training them up in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord and may these precious boys grow to be faithful servants of the One who Himself is Faithful & True! My favorite verse for many reasons, but for which fits here most appropriately is: "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!" Psalm 37:4


The Hall's said...

Oh Shannon, this post brought tears to my eyes. I can so relate. God is so good and I will say it again as I have a million times-HIS timing is perfect!


JGWmom said...

YES it is!!! Thanks Cameron! Love you, too!