Friday, May 29, 2009

I Like It...Finally!

I have been searching for a new blog layout that I really like and I think I've finally found it. It took blood, sweat and tears (OK it was just tears), but I think this one will last me for some time! I know it's let me know if it hurts your eyes and I will try to tone it down...but like I said, I REALLY like it!
I know I'm really behind on posting! :( I've had a lot of catching up with housework and lots going on this month with the end of school. I promise to try to post more often. I have some really cute stuff to post of the boys, especially Graham with his T-ball season and with his Kindergarten year coming to an end. For now I thought I'd leave you with some random pics that I've taken in the last few months of where we live. Enjoy!

I love Texas windmills & Texas sunsets!

Another beautiful sunset at our friends, the Newtons!

Sunset on our way home from Waco.

Golden waves of grain...actually wheat and the green behind it is corn.

Some strange looking never stormed here, but it did West of us.

Just after I planted my vincas...They are blooming beautifully now!

My beautiful geranium!


Rebecca said...

you make me laugh! I love it Shannon!! It's PERFECT! make mine....

I am soooo behind in posting. I think having two blogs is both a blessing and a curse ;p

The Hall's said...

Good job posting! I love the new look!