Friday, May 8, 2009

Graham's Texas Cultural Day

Today was Texas Cultural Day at Graham's elementary school. In the past they have always had a multi-cultural day, but this year they decided it was time to celebrate all the cultures that have influenced the great state of Texas. (Texans are quite proud, you know!) Graham's kindergarten classes were the first to perform and they entertained us with Mexican dances. I've posted the following video of them.(Graham is in a white plaid shirt, black belt, black boots & jeans) The first dance was a little long, but hang in there for the other two because they are really fun to watch. It seemed Graham and his partner, Brianna, were just a little behind, especially at the very end...their Ola was definitely delayed! But that's what makes it so cute to watch. Also, I have posted a slide show of some pics from the rest of the performance. Each grade did something different. Their costumes were really cute and it was all very entertaining. I loved how they did it outside on the tennis courts. We had great seating and the weather cooperated wonderfully! I hope you all enjoy!


The Hall's said...

So cute! He will love this when he gets older! Got to have Texas Cultural Day in Texas!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Love you,

JGWmom said...

Thanks, Cameron! You, too!!!

queen of sheba said...

Too cute! Love that idea!
Love your new blog look too! :)

Shelley said...

Thanks so much for posting the video! My Emiley was in that group, too and I loved watching her dance again :)

If you ever want me to make you a header for your blog, just let me know! I LOVE doing stuff like that... just email me