Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please Pray for My Friends!

This post is a little different than most. I would like to request from all of you who read, follow or get emailed about my blog to please pray for some very special friends of ours! We met Cameron and Aaron while at seminary (Southwestern Baptist, in Fort Worth, TX). Cameron and I became fast friends while working together in the Business Office there. She is from the Troy area of Alabama (specifically a small town named Brantley), so we had quite a bit in common right from the start!:) Texas is very much like being in a foreign country sometimes and the experience can be a little scary and disconcerting for sure! So it is GOOD to find friends that you can reminisce with about "home" (for us specifically, Alabama!) and find so much in common! We talk alike, so we could "translate" for our other non-Alabama friends - LOL! And, we share a love for everything "Southern!"...food, family, Gulf Coast, Alabama/Auburn football...and the list goes on! Of course, we also have Jesus in common and the calling of the Lord on our husband's lives! After we had worked together for sometime, Richard had the opportunity to work with Aaron, Cameron's husband, on campus as well in the warehouse, (Aaron is the Supervisor over the warehouse as he is a seminary student, too). So, they hit it off, too, again with just so much in common. They are a precious family and have 4 BEAUTIFUL daughters, as you will see in the pics below!

After we moved to Hamilton, our friendship with them has continued and even grown as Cameron is a blogger (See her blog link - 4 Hall Girls on the side of my blog) and we keep up most days on the computer. Richard has been able to call upon Aaron to preach in his absence here when we have made trips home. We had the wonderful experience of spending Thanksgiving with them in their home this past year and we've gotten together a couple of other times, too! We just REALLY LOVE them!!!

So, with all this said, I want to ask you all to be praying for this precious family over the next couple of weeks,(really all of this week and next!). Aaron is the interim pastor at a church out in a small town west of Fort Worth, called Red Springs. He and their oldest daughter, Elleigh, just left yesterday with a mission team from their Baptist Association to go to Namibia, Africa! So, please pray for Aaron and Elleigh as they travel, as they share the gospel and minister in Jesus name to these people, for their health & physical strength, for their own spiritual growth and for their team! Please pray for the people of Namibia to be receptive to the gospel and that the kingdom of God will be furthered there! Please pray for Cameron as she is home with the girls, very far from family, that she will have strength - physically and spiritually to take care of her girls and that they will have a hedge of protection around them at all times! Please also pray for their health and well being and that Cameron's heart and mind will have peace & not worry!(Please pray especially at night, when the busy-ness slows and she needs her REST!)

I SO GREATLY appreciate ALL of your prayers!!! I know that you WILL pray for them and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ Who is Sovereign in ALL things, Who is GREATLY to be praised, Who pours out His love and grace on His own will BLESS you and them through this!!! THANK YOU!!!


Elleigh, Sallie, Lizzie & Millie

Cameron and her girls - ALL of them Beautiful!

Aaron & Elleigh at the DFW airport about to leave for Africa!


The Hall's said...

AWWWWWWWWW..................... This is so sweet! Thank you so much! I will ALWAYS treasure this post and more than that I will ALWAYS treasure your frienship. God is so good to place people in our lives to walk through this life with! WE LOVE YOU ALL! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Now I am crying!!!

JGWmom said...

Oh No!!!...I didn't mean to make you cry! Now I'm crying, too! :) You are SO welcome! I just know that all my family, friends and church family who read this (I emailed it out, too!) will pray diligently for y'all! I believe in prayer and I can always tell the difference when I know others are praying for me! :) You're right, God is SO good to put people in our lives to walk through it together!
Love Ya!

Shelley said...

Hope you are having a wonderful summer! Your post was so sweet... I know their trip was such as blessing. Our trip to Honduras was wonderul... a blessing to us and to those we served while we were there.