Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Silly, Serious & Interesting

I decided to post a menagerie of photos from this past month. The first ones are of my VERY silly little boys! There is not a day that goes by that we don't experience "silliness" in some form or fashion. I love it! They keep us in stitches!

The photos of Justus close to the bottom are of his athletic awards banquet. I have got to figure out how to take pictures in low light with my camera. If I use the low light feature they turn out very grainy and some even turned out blurry. So the two you see are the only ones I got that were redeemable. Sorry! He received a certificate for his participation in J.V. football, J.V. track and Varsity baseball. He will also receive a letter (for a jacket) for Varsity baseball.

Lastly, the bottom pics are of a baby bluejay who decided one evening about a week ago to perch on my outdoors chair. The sun had already gone down and I walked out on the porch for something and there he was. He let me get within a yard of him and never flinched. I took all kinds of pics and he never flew away. I don't know when he did leave, but he stayed there a long while...very strange and interesting!

Wesley is laughing as Richard is playing "tickle" with him!

Wesley always gives me a "silly" face!

Even his smile face has a sense of "silliness"!

The boys wearing Grandaddy's hats (when he visited us) and sharing some popcorn, their favorite treat!

Graham wearing Granny Stringer's jacket (on our brief visit to AL). He saw it and asked her if he could wear it because he wanted to be an American! I told him he already is even without donning the flag! :) She got a real kick out of him!!!

Wesley making a silly face while playing in the pool on our first "official" day of summer...the Saturday after the last day of school!

This is Graham on the same day enjoying a milkshake from Storms (our favorite hamburger place in Hamilton!).

Wesley decided he needed to make a silly face since Graham had one painted on him. This was right after school on Tuesday of his last week. They had a carnival at school.

Graham's painted "silly" face!

OK, Cameron, this is for you! Wesley, Lizzie and Sallie could definitely form a group and sing rap songs! LOL "PEACE OUT!"

This is Justus receiving his certificate and shaking hands with all his coaches.

The Hamilton Bulldogs Stage!

Our special visitor...baby bluejay! At first I thought he was in the little basket/cup holder, but then I realized he was just perched there on the end of the arm.


Rebecca said...

great post! you are so funny! Love the pix and the boys are getting so big so fast!

Love you guys!

The Hall's said...

That is too funny! Yes, I bet our crew would be something together!

JGWmom said...

They are growing fast, Rebecca! I keep watching Justus inch a little bit taller than his dad...of course he wants to grow about 2 more inches! Whew!!!
Yes, Cameron, we will have to make it happen...getting our crews together. :)