Sunday, July 20, 2008

Heading "home" to Mobile

We are getting on the road to Mobile, Alabama tonight - our hometown. I am really excited about seeing our family, especially my mama! We will be staying at the Harvey's house, but we are hoping to see all of our family, Richard's side and mine. We will be having family portraits made while we are there. Also, we plan to spend a day down at the beach - Yeah!!! I am really ready for salt water, sand and seafood! I hope to see some old friends, too.

Anyhoo, we'll get back home to Texas on the 29th of July. Keep us in your prayers, (specifically me, I'm having lower back trouble). I'll post lots of pics when we return!

Talk to Y'all Later!



queen of sheba said...

I hope you guys have a GREAT time!! Enjoy the beach and fresh sea food for me!!!! Have a safe trip ;)

The Hall's said...

Can't wait to see pics and hear the details from your trip. Ahhh... sand and seafood!!!