Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tropical Storm - Huh???

I cannot believe it! Being from the Alabama Gulf Coast, I am quite used to being on alert during the Hurricane season with good reason. Because our family is there I still watch the weather to see if they are ever in the path of anything coming from the Gulf. Well, here I sit "smack dab" (that's a southern term) in the middle of Texas awaiting Tropical Storm Edouard to come my way! Actually, I'm quite pleased because we are PARCHED here! Our grass in the back yard is dead! (Justus, who had to cut our yard every week last summer with all the rain we got, is quite glad not to have had to cut it since June, and then it was only the front yard.) My poor flowers have really been stressing and at this point I'm not sure my sunflower crop is going to make it. I do water, but in just a 24 hour period they look all wilted again! :(

Anyhoo, I will wait with anticipation to meet this new friend, Edouard, with open arms and a few buckets to catch rainwater to quench the thirst of my waning little garden! :)


The Hall's said...

No doubt YOU are watching the weather!!! I can just see us now in the business office and you and Rebecca checking the weather and giving me updates!

JGWmom said...

You miss us "weather girls"! I know you do! :)

queen of sheba said...

LOL....we are the weather girls! LOL
I can't believe you remember that Cameron LOL

Jason made fun of me because I am a bit behind on the weather and boy you should have heard his sarcasm LOL

The pix are Fabulous by the way!!

The Hall's said...


I hear it is really raining there. Y'all OK?

JGWmom said...

We are good. Several businesses had to close down because of flooding, though. It really felt like water was being poured out of buckets the rain was so heavy and the wind blew the rain so I'm sure that made matters worse. Our front porch is soaked from the rain falling off our house being blown on to it. Richard had to take Justus to football practice during the heart of it this morning and said the roads all over town looked like rivers and the creek which runs through town was flowing over in some spots as well. (Justus practiced in the gym.) It's all over now, but it is still cloudy. The funny thing was there was no thunder or lightning, just wind and rain. We needed it although I'm sure it would have been better to have gotten it in a little more spread out time period. Thanks for checking on us! :)