Friday, January 29, 2010


I am SO proud of Wesley! Richard and I had determined that with this new year we had one major goal for Wesley and that was to get him completely potty trained. I must admit, I waited the longest with him for several different reasons. But, it was apparent that this was the best time for us to do this. So a couple of weeks ago, we stopped buying daytime pullups and I bought Wesley his first "new" pairs of underwear ~ Scooby Doo!!! He has had some of Graham's "hand-me-downs", but I thought maybe with new ones he would be more motivated. We also used the same "sticker" chart that I used with Graham. He earns a sticker every time he goes potty and 2 if he does 2 things (pee and poo). When he gets 10 stickers, he can get a surprise. With Graham, he took a while, too, but when I told him he could not go to school unless he could go potty, that is all it took. With Wesley, not so much!!! He really has just taken his own sweet time to get motivated. It was funny though, because the stickers really did the trick for him and he has done GREAT! He has only had a couple of accidents (just pee pee). And, he even brought up with me the other day that NOW he can finally go to school!!! Hurray!!! In fact, he is doing so well, he even has had dry pullups in the morning. (I still put nighttime pullups on him and Graham) And, Graham, not wanting to be left out, has requested a sticker chart for him to get nighttime potty trained. He is doing pretty good with this, too. So, I'm hoping it won't be too much longer and I won't have to buy ANY more pullups!!! Woo Hoo!!! I'm not in a hurry for them to grow up, but it will be SO nice to not have to spend money on pullups!!!

So, since Christmas I really haven't taken many pics! We have all been sick (except Justus) with the crud over the past couple of weeks. I did get this one of Wesley, though, sleeping with his beloved "Mater" truck he got from Grandmama and Grandaddy! I love to watch them sleep! The one of Graham is an oldie, but goodie! He is sleeping with his water gun! Ahhhh, life with BOYS!!! :)

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Rebecca said...

TOO CUTE! They are getting so big... and I will have a new adventure of potty training a boy! OH BOY! Love you!!