Saturday, January 30, 2010

Smile Box "Scrapbook"

This time I'm playing around with Smile Box. I wanted to see how this looks when I post it to my blog. It is a mini digital scrapbook. I'm hoping to do more with digital scrapbooking, but not sure if I'll use Smile Box or not.

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Boys Will Be Boys
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Rebecca said...


The Hall's said...

Great postS! Toofunny that you we both posted about potty training! Something reminded me last week that I had never documented her being potty trained and that was for sure blog worthy!

The Hall's said...

nOH and LOVE the new look of the blog!

JGWmom said...

Thanks, Rebecca!

YES, Cameron, potty training is definitely worthy of posting and GREAT celebration! It dawned on me tonight as I was taking groceries out of my Walmart bags...I don't have to keep so many any more to put wet/dirty pullups in before trashing!
Thanks...Richard and I figured out how to make my header and of course this is the ONLY time of year (Valentines) I can get away with pink on my blog!!! Ha! I always get the rest from Smitten. Hope your week isn't too hectic!!! :)