Saturday, January 30, 2010

Testing ~ Playing

This is a test post to see my new "Signature". I'm having fun playing with my blog settings. Richard helped me create my new blog header and I added photos of the boys I had made during Christmas. Probably more to come!!! :)


Rebecca said...

It's working and everything looks SO great! Tell me how you did your header some time ;) Love you!!

JGWmom said...

THANKS! Oh boy, you now want me to verbalize what I did?! LOL No, it was quite easy once I knew we had a program we could do it in. We have a program called Serif that I created it in...added the pics and background and text boxes. I got the background from a free digital scrapbook is just digital scrapbook paper. I went by directions from someone's blog tutorial to make my dimensions, but that really didn't matter, because Serif lets you save it as a jpeg and so all I had to do was go into the header edit on blogger and upload it as an image and check the box, for "instead of title and description" and check the box, "shrink to fit". I know there are other ways to change it in html, but I wasn't sure how to do that in serif. This way seemed the easiest. I hope to be able to make some of my photos fancier now. But that is for another day! :) My biggest issue with all this stuff is that I don't do it often enough and so next time I want to change it, I won't remember. LOL! I'm OLD!!! :)