Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally Back!

Hello blog world!!! It is SO good to be back! I have to admit I got a bit overwhelmed with being behind in my posts, so I just took a break for a while! Life happens SO fast, doesn't it! It amazes me all the events and happenings that have taken place in the past 8 months! I think what I will do here, is go ahead and pick up blogging right where we are and then each week, I'll have a designated day for "flashbacks" to catch you all up on what's been happening in our lives these past 8 or so months. I have some blogger friends who do a "Friday Favorites", so I think for the sake of alliteration, I will have "Flash-back Fridays". Now, you may be saying to yourself, today is Friday do you plan to start today? And the answer would be, "yes!" I don't think I will do them in chronicological order though, so to keep them interesting! And, I will set them up as their own separate posts, so to keep them separated and standing on their own.

So, with all of that stated, I will go and figure out where to start with my "Flash-backs". I will tell you that in the here & now, I have so much going on that it may take a couple of posts just to cover it all as well! Just to give you a hint, I think the tooth fairy may be coming to visit Graham soon. Wesley is having a "wild" time in K-5 with lots of daily antics (hint: he has already gone through the 4 boxes of crayons and 3 glue sticks he started out with in school!). And, Justus will be the starting QB in his football game tonite! (I believe "barf-bags" for moms should be part of the spirit paraphenalia they give out at the ballgames!) So, as you can see we are in high gear around the Harvey household! Happy Fall Y'all!!!

See you in my next new Friday Flashbacks!