Thursday, October 7, 2010

Homecoming Week & the Tooth Fairy

This week is Homecoming for Brantley School. Because tomorrow is filled with lots of activity (homecoming pep rally, homecoming parade and homecoming football game) that I will certainly post about, I thought I'd go ahead and post today about the dress-up days from the week and about Graham's news. First of all, Monday was Alabama/Auburn Day, so of course the boys went all decked out in their Auburn colors and tees. They do this often, anyway, as seen in my pics of them their first day of school. (So, no pic of that day.) Wednesday was "Sign My Shirt" Day. Justus didn't wear a white outer shirt, so I don't know if he had people sign his undershirt, or just didn't participate. Wesley's class was instructed not to participate, probably because they have a hard enough time writing their name on paper, and because they are still at an age where they may get confused and think it appropriate to write on any/all clothing. Wesley got into it, though, once he got home, by "signing" his name to the laundry room wall with a blue highlighter...Thank You, Lord, for magic eraser! Graham did wear a white t-shirt and brought it home with all kinds of signage! I think he really enjoyed it! Today both Graham and Wesley had to wear all blue and Justus had to wear black...not sure what it's all about...hopefully we will find out this afternoon. (Still no pics of either "sign a shirt" or "blue/black-whatever today is" days.) BUT, Tuesday was a different story and is what brings me to this post. It was CRAZY Day! Now, some might call everyday around here "Crazy Day", but for homecoming week it meant they must dress CRAZY, whatever that means! Justus had his own ideas and didn't ask for help, other than requesting of his dad to borrow a tie. He also wore swim shorts over his football "legging" pants, two different baseball socks and two different shoes. The little boys on the other hand were quite into it and wanted lots of help. So, for Graham we put him in his TieDyed shirt he made in Kindergarten (in Hamilton). It was big then, so it fits just right now. He also wore two different baseball socks (one green and one blue) over the outside of his jeans, a blue baseball belt on the outside of his shirt and wore two different shoes. Wesley wore his crazy looking "Feed Me" monster shirt with two different baseball socks (one blue and one black). And they both sported CRAZY styled hair. I can usually spike their hair pretty good when it is short, but because they are in need of a haircut, it made my job a bit more challenging. Needless to say I had to use lots of mousse and hairspray! Wesley said he got lots of "compliments"! Ha!

Also this week, (really last Friday), Graham FINALLY lost his first tooth! We knew it was loose before he left for school. As he was waiting in the car pick-up line after school, he showed it to one of his fave teachers, Mrs. Kelly Kilcrease (his 1st Grade reading teacher), who asked him if he wanted her to pull it. He agreed and out it came! We forgot to put it under his pillow both Fri and Sat nites, so finally Sunday nite we remembered and Monday morning he awoke to $1 from the tooth fairy! In the pic below, notice he already had a tooth coming in behind the baby tooth. We also found out yesterday that he has molars coming in. Needless to say we have a dentist appointment in the near future!

Hope you enjoy!


The Hall's said...

LOVE the pics! Also LOVE the story of Wesley writing on the wall! I know you didn't LOVE it at the time. I can understand them not participating in that day!

Love you!

Scribbler said...

I couldn't find your email, and your comment was "no-reply blogger" so this is the only way I can thank you for reading my blog! Thanks for the heads up about Just Stuff. Good luck with your new venture! I am always painting things, but I have such a hard time letting go. I like to redecorate a lot, and it is always fun to just go find something in the attic or garage. At least that is how I justify it!