Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adventures in Life with Boys

My Super heroes

Fun with stickers!

My very cool teenager!

My sleeping hero

Going to the Game (Justus' football)

Never sleep "unarmed"!

The "Manly Table" centerpiece

When pregnant with my 3rd child I was asked if I was ready for a girl, because of the fact that I already had 2 boys. My response was always, "I'm not sure at this point I would even know what to do with a girl!" Well, SO true is that statement today! My boys are 100% boys! While at a picnic, Sunday afternoon with our church, I saw Wesley picking up a rock about a foot in diameter. I asked him what he was looking at, (under the rock), and he replied, "Bugs!" Just common old bugs get his juices flowing. They also love playing with balls - all kinds, especially Justus! (Speaking of bugs he has had a stomach bug the last couple of days, so please pray for him - for all of us!) And, they have a SUPER-sized affinity for Super Heroes! I'm surprised my dish towels and pillowcases even know what they are really supposed to be used for, because they are used much more often as the newest cape for my "caped crusaders". I never know who they will liken themselves to on any given day - Superman, Batman, Spiderman (nocape, just a mask and "SPPPPHT!" noise accompanying their hands formed in Spidey's wellknown web-slinging stance! Someone once thought they were making the "Hook 'em Horns" signal.), sword wielding Bibleman and Luke Skywalker with his sidekick "Okyban Wenobi" (this is Graham's pronunciation), or Buzz Lightyear and Woody! Even though Justus is wayyyyy to cooooool to get in on this super hero phenomenon being played out, he does don his green Marvel tee to school and will stop to watch any Star Wars flick at anytime he sees that it is playing on t.v. So you can see why at this point there would be no room for pink ponies or princesses (unless they are being rescued), or strawberry shortcake in this household! We are definitely male dominated! So this brings me to my reason for making this post. I have placed several pics here of my boys being their boy selves and the last one says it all! In my attempt to make our house a home, attempting to add my more feminine touches, such as a basket of fruit to match my dishes in the dining room, I find this...a pair of pliers added to the basket in just the right striking pose as if to say, "It just needed a man's touch!" Undoubtedly, a little man, huh, Wesley! LOL, I love my little men and I am so glad they are such "BOYS!" My life is full of joy because of them and my heart overflows with love for them! Thank you, Lord, for the gift of my Boys! May they grow to be Men who bring delight to Your Heart, O God!!!


The Hall's said...

Love this post! Isn't is funny how our lives play out. Yours is dominated by superheroes and mine by princesses! So fun!

Love the pictures!

queen of sheba said...

Great post. Mine are dominated by both :)

And did you make your page????
I love it!

JGWmom said...

Cameron, it would be fun to see us switch sometime, like Freaky Friday! LOL
Thanks,Rebecca, for complimenting my page! I didn't make it myself, I wish! :) I got it from a sight that does free blog layouts. There's a link on my blog, it's called smitten blog designs. I just googled and came upon it.

JGWmom said...

P.S. Rebecca, BTW, I love your new stuff on your blog. I really like the colors! I'm almost positive I used to have a hairbow(in the 80's)in those exact colors and I loved it!

The Hall's said...

It would probably be like Freaky Friday! HA!

Matt and Allison Tatum said...

Hey Shannon! I love keeping up with you too. Yes, the debate was so much fun! I was so honored to have it and our town and was so proud of Sen McCain. Your boys are too cute. Rachel's kids are very into stickers and I usually end up with them stuck all over me! I do love my family and enjoy spending time with them! Allison