Friday, September 26, 2008

A Beautiful Sunset

One of mine and Richard's favorite things about living in Texas is the beautiful sunsets! There is nothing like the landscape sillouettes created by a Texas sunset. I can see how the ironsmith artists who create such works of art are inspired to do so. I have missed some beautiful sunsets on my camera lately because I haven't had it with me. But, about 2 weeks ago, we had the opportunity to picnic with our new association that our church is joining over at a park on Lake Belton, near Temple. I caught these shots as we were leaving. The one with the lake in it I took riding in the van over the dam. It is a beautiful pic, but honestly it does not come close to how beautiful it was in person! I hope you enjoy!


The Hall's said...

Oh those are so GOOD! Beautiful! I love a sunset!

queen of sheba said...

Impressive! Those are just God paints the sky!