Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cowboys, Queens, and Superman!

This past Saturday, Aug. 30th, was our town's biggest event of the year, the Hamilton County Dove Festival 2008. According to our paper it was one of the largest ever with over 80 vendors and over 5,000 in attendance. It is always held in conjunction with the opening of Dove hunting Season and there are several events that take place over the weekend. There's a 2-day rodeo out at the Circle-T, a softball tournament, a 5-K run, a parade and vendors set up all around the town square selling goods & food; promoting causes & candidates. There's also a stage set up with a variety of entertainment.
Our church had a booth to give away water and Capri Suns and to give out info. on our new children's ministry event for the school year. So, the boys and I set out to get there in time to see the parade and to work the booth for a while. We also ate BBQ and funnel cakes, rode the Superman slide, and watched a puppet show and "Wild West Shootout". It was a jam-packed day of quite varied Texas excitement, as I hope you gather from the slideshow I've compiled. We love our little town and our life here! God is Good!!!


queen of sheba said...

That is great and it looks like so much fun!! I will pray God brings in new people to the Church through this event to further the kingdom of Christ.

The Hall's said...

And to think that people in TX talk about us from AL! HA!

JGWmom said...

Thanks, Rebecca! Pray for our leaders in Team Kid, too.

I know, Cameron. We do have rednecks in AL, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a Festival Queen wearing her crown, decked out in Camo! Too Funny! Also, ALL the tractors...I was just waiting for Kenny Chesney to be on one singing his song about "she thinks my tractor's sexy!" It was ALOT of FUN, though!