Thursday, September 11, 2008

So Far and Yet So Far to Go!

This seems to be the story of my life right now. First of all Richard started back to school this week. He is driving me crazy! One minute it's one plan and then another! I'm all for going as far as he desires to go with his education, I would just like a plan and to stick to that plan! (OK, I'm venting and I know that with God sometimes there can only be enough light for the next step!) I really am just going to put it in the Lord's hands and let Him and Richard work it out! I'll do my part, but I'm not going to worry about grades, papers, deadlines, etc. He is a big boy, right?

Now, for the second part to this story. WESLEY! I love the little full of energy and happiness...singing and playing (until Graham gets home). Anyway, he has been doing so well with potty training the past few days. I finally decided to put him in underwear and he has done so great! I just bragged on him last night to Richard about how he didn't have any accidents yesterday and he went without me having to ask him all day long! That was yesterday! Today arrives and we have had two big accidents already! I found one of the spots on the floor in his room, but I have yet to find the other...still searching! I look like a blood hound sniffing around my floors and furniture! LOL Like my friend Cameron says, in the midst of craziness you just have to laugh! So, y'all go ahead and laugh for me, OK! :)


The Hall's said...

Oh Shannon-I am right there with you! I have not told my story last from last week of how Lizzie used the bathroom (#2) in her panties during naptime and proceeded to get it all over her room. I mean everywhere. Tried to change clothes so she got it all over clean clothes from her drawers. All the while, I think she is still asleep! GROSS! Anyway, she has done much better since but like you say who knows what tomorrow will bring! What would we do without these kiddos??? I am laughing at you saying you won't be worrying about Richard's school stuff (yeah right!). I have said that a million times before and well I do... Hang in there! Oh, what is his plan now?

Love You!

JGWmom said...

You make me laugh!!! Or should I say Lizzie makes me laugh! I can SO see that scene!
As for Richard's "plan", that's just it, he's not sure what his plan is...immediately to finish his ThM which has to be completed by May and his thesis by March! And this was all to get BETTER grades to show he can do PhD work of which he is now considering not doing and possibly doing the DMin instead. And, then there is the question of if he does decide to do PhD work whether to do so at SWBTS, Dallas Baptist Univ., or through Regents Univ. out of Virginia, which is mainly online, but still would require some travel there. And I could just kick myself because I'm the one who told him, "Go talk to someone and get some counsel on this!"...after which he came home and told me all of this! I'm not really mad or truly upset, I just know how much new stuff we have going at church this fall and how easy it is to have a week full of unexpected "emergencies". I just don't want him to stretch himself too thin. I was hoping we would have another staff member (even if he's part-time) before Richard had to start his classes again. We are at least having deacon nominations, so I'm hoping they will be able to take on some of his load. Anyway, just pray for us! It is so good to have friends who know what we're going through and can pray! Thanks!!!:)

queen of sheba said...

You are too funny.
I think we are ready to be "done" but you especially, hang in there I am praying for you.

I love you!