Monday, August 10, 2009

Fishing, Football and Back to School

I really wanted to post these sets of pictures separately, but I was afraid that some would be looked over if I did it that way. So, I am posting all together but I will put a description with each set of pictures.

The first set is of our first fishing "trip" since we arrived in Brantley. A week ago Saturday Richard took the boys "all the way" across our road and down a short path to our neighbors pond to fish for bass. Having the genes that I do from my daddy, I of course could not stay behind long, so I joined them a little later. We had lots of fun and Richard even caught one - about a 2 pounder. He fileted it and now it is waiting in our freezer to be added to for a good fish supper some evening, hopefully soon! I wish I had taken more pics...I didn't even take one of the prize catch! :( Graham really took to casting and I have a feeling he may end up being the angler in the family! He really enjoyed it! Wesley doesn't have a rod his size yet, but I have a feeling with his birthday coming up, that won't be a problem much longer! He may have been part of our probem, though, as he did not stop talking the whole time! :) Justus enjoyed being out there, but he's the kind who doesn't stay at it long if the fish aren't biting! Anyway, it is a beautiful place and we are so grateful to our sweet friends and neighbors Andy and Lindsay who have given us an open invitation to fish anytime!

The puppy dog is our neighbor's beagle, Lizzy. She is really sweet and visits us at our house, too!

The next set of pics are of Justus and his new football team, the Brantley Bulldogs. Yes, we are still the bulldogs, but we are GREEN this year! I have to say, I like it!!! Also, I took a pic of the t.v. news reporting that Brantley is ranked #3 in the state in the pre-season poll of Class 1-A. Now you may think that 1-A is not a big deal, but let me tell you that there is a fellow by the name of Anthony Gully from Brantley who was a top recruit to the Auburn Tigers! He is the second fastest player on Auburn's team this season. And, we will see right away if this Brantley team is what they say as we play the #1 team, Sweetwater, in our opening Jamboree! Justus is pumped and is working hard. He probably will not start this year on offense but should get some playing time as he becomes more familiar with their offense. He may start on defense and will for sure on special teams. We are all very ready for FOOTBALL!

Did I mention that 5 out of the 7 coaches here are active members of our church and are just really great Christian role models to these young men!

My handsome Junior!

These last pics are of the boys' first day of school, which is today! I also took a couple of pics yesterday of Graham and Wesley as they were dressed really cute for church! The ones of Graham and Justus out by the mailbox are not of them waiting for the school bus, but waiting for their daddy. We forgot and left the van parked at church last night. We usually walk to church and by habit did walk home last night. We had taken it to church, though, as the sky decided just as we were leaving for church to POUR down rain!

Justus, my Highschool Junior!

Graham, My 1st Grader!

My sweet Wesley!

I took this of these 2 Sunday morning. They do both have their own bed!


Shelley said...

We will sure miss you guys in Hamilton but it looks like AL will be a great place for you all! I cant believe you have already started school. We are looking forward to school starting and having a routine again :) Great pictures...

The Hall's said...

You know I have chill bumps!!! There is nothing like BRANTLEY football!!! The boys all look cute on their way to school! I hope they had a great day!