Friday, August 21, 2009

Room With a View

I have told several people I would begin posting pictures of our new home, church and community. This may take a while, but hopefully not too long! :) I will not wait for it all to be perfect, that way you can see how things improve as I finish projects. As I prepared for this move, I told myself I would be patient as I decorate and set up, so that I can do things just the way I like them. I had a big yard sale before we moved. I have to admit that is one thing I like about moving... getting to clean out the clutter!!! Also, I am trying to modernize our decor a little. We have had some things since we were married almost 19 years ago. Some things I cannot part with, but more than anything I'm trying to simplify!

So with that said, today I thought I would start with 2 "areas"...views of the outdoors from different windows and our "outdoor" room, aka the back porch. If you know me at all, you know that I am a lover of the outdoors and the beauty of nature. This may sound silly to some, but I really have missed pine trees! I know that pine straw is a nuisance in the fall, but they are so much a part of the South and I missed them greatly! As you will see and much to my delight we are surrounded by them! They are not actually in our yard, but there is a "grove" right across from our front yard that we can look through to see our neighbor's pond. (Another delight!) To look out towards the back yard there is a thick forest of young pines across the highway. God is SO good!!!

Secondly, I am posting pics of our back porch, which I L-O-V-E!!! Richard and I both have already taken advantage of it for having our coffee and quiet times with the Lord in the mornings! We also celebrated Wesley's birthday out there. I was very happy to get a couple of really nice plants on clearance at Walmart to make it even nicer! I'm sure we will be enjoying this "room" more and more especially when the temps begin to cool down!

View from our formal living room picture window into our front yard.

View from our dining room (formal living & dining is combined) out towards the church

Sun Rise out our kitchen window which faces our back yard

Same Sun Rise a few minutes later

Daytime view out kitchen window

This view out the kitchen window shows my peach tree which is just on the other side of our back fence. It was LOADED with them when we moved in.

My Back Porch {see my beautiful plants! :) }

As you can see, it is VERY roomy out there and I love the ceiling fan!

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The Hall's said...

HOME SWEET HOME!!! I LOVE IT! Like the plants you put on the deck! Looking good!

Like the new look of the blog a lot too!!!

Love you!