Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Baby - Wesley!!!

I cannot believe that Wesley is 4 years old today!!! He is one of the greatest joys of my life! He is such a comic!!! We called Justus silly when he was a baby, but Wesley really is the epitome of silliness! He loves to make silly faces and to make silly sounds! He cracks us up on a daily basis! I'm really afraid he will be the one who I get called to the principal's office for once he starts school. He is also my most mischievious child! He is always getting into stuff, pushing buttons on machines and appliances and he has been the one to draw and write on walls, furniture and floors! (As evidenced by some of my posts on here!) :) He loves to play outside! He loves to play with his brother, Graham, and gets so excited when Graham comes home from school. He likes to go for walks and learn all about nature. He likes playing with all his Hotwheel cars and with his Thomas trains. He loves to race and will always ask for something to eat or drink and then say, "I'll beat you!" as he takes off running to the kitchen! He is a good eater and he loves milk! He may not know all the words, but he knows the tunes to SO many songs and he is ALWAYS singing! I love that about him! He is SO HAPPY so much of the time! Lately he has been singing "If You're Happy and You Know It!" I love it! He is very imaginative and loves to pretend! He is also very observant when we are driving somewhere and always gives us a narrative as we drive along..."Look, Mama, cows! Look, Mama, corn! Look, Mama, the American flag!...and so on!" He lights up the room when he enters it! Although he loves his mama's attention, he loves to give his affection to his daddy! He is a daddy's boy for sure! He loves to eat tomatoes and cucumber with white ketchup (Ranch Dressing). He is our late night owl and our late sleeper in the morning! He does not jump out of bed, but likes to lie there and take his time chillin' out! When he does get up, though, he is ready for breakfast...usually Poptarts, but he LOVES pancakes! So, even though pancakes are usually our Saturday morning specialty from Daddy, Mama made him some special just for his birthday! We will have a party, soon. All the details have not been worked out yet, but when we do, I will post the pics from it. So far, though, he is quite content with his birthday breakfast!

My Beautiful Baby Boy!

Happy Birthday Pancakes!

Thank you, God!

Mmm Mmmm!


The Hall's said...

I love it! He is a sweet, happy boy!

I miss you! You feel so far away!!!

JGWmom said...

I miss you, too! I know, I feel far away from you! I liked knowing I could get in my van and in a couple of hours be in Fort Worth, able to visit you! :(

Rebecca said...

I still have his newborn picture! Oh how I miss y'all...such good memories.

JGWmom said...

Awww! Thanks, Rebecca! I miss YOU, too!!! :)