Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Update

Ok, so we took Graham to the doctor this morning because his symptoms worsened over the weekend. He actually seemed better on Saturday and I let him go down the street to play with one of his friends. Unfortunately that was a bad decision because he came home from there feeling bad. He complained of his throat hurting and during the night he awakened with a very hot fever. So, I kept him and Wesley home from church as his fever continued on Sunday. I also noticed Sunday evening while Graham was sitting with me that he was making a wheezing sound when he breathed. The doctor listened to Graham's chest and just as with Wesley last week ordered an X-ray. Now I had still not heard from the doctor's office about Wesley. So after viewing Graham's x-ray and reading the results of Wesley's they both have been diagnosed with Bronchialitis. So, now both are on antibiotics and because of Graham's wheezing he is on a steroid again, too. He also was prescribed the same allergy med that Wesley has been on for over a year, Singulair and they also ordered for him a nebulizer machine from home health to give him breathing treatments 2x a day (not sure for how long). Home health should be able to tell us for how long when they deliver the machine. So, please continue to keep praying for them. As you know just because they are sick does not mean their energy level goes down and in fact the steroid usually hypes them up. So say a prayer for me and Richard, too. They have cabin fever something fierce!

As for Justus, of course we will not know any more until he goes back to the doctor on Tuesday, the 17th, but I can say that he hates the ear wash that we have to put in his ear twice a day. He says it burns (which it is a form of acid) and that it makes him dizzy. Also, starting this morning he has to be at school every day at 6:15 a.m. He goes for track and weight lifting and a couple of mornings is for football, too. Then of course he has school from 8-3:30 and then baseball practice until around 6:00. So, please keep praying for him, too.

Our plumbing issue seems to be resolved. It must have been a city issue as we saw them working in our neighborhood on Friday. Of course, I also credit the Lord as I know I have wonderful prayer warriors in you all! So, thank you, Lord, and thank you our friends and family!!!

P.S. Richard seems to be doing O.K. with his throat. He says everything went well Sunday. One more thing to be THANKFUL for!!!


The Hall's said...

Oh Shannon, I will say it again-this too shall pass. I am sorry you are going through all this. Talking about Justus being dizzy. Sallie throws up a lot when she is laying down and they have told us that it is because of her getting dizzy because of her ears and the equilibrium. She is used to the wash by now though. She just takes it like I know I have to do this!

JGWmom said...

Bless her heart!!! Thanks, Cameron! I'm like you, it IS so wonderful to have friends who can relate and know what you're going through and you know that they are praying for you! I appreciate you being one of those for me!
I love you!

P.S. I thought of you & Rebecca tonight. I'm doing Beth Moore's new study, "Esther - It's Hard Being a Woman". When you get the chance you so need to do it. It is rich and so where we are at!!!