Friday, February 6, 2009


Here is an update to my prayer requests I posted yesterday:

Wesley saw the doctor and is now on another round of antibiotics. It seems pneumonia is going around among the kids in town and the doctor thought he heard some rattling in his left lung, so he ordered a chest x-ray. We have not heard any results as of yet, (I'm thinking this is a good sign, I hope) but I have put in a call to the office for them to call me to let us know. He seems a little better today.

Graham did not feel well at all last night...lots of sneezing and coughing and nasal congestion, too. He seemed to have a low grade fever, too, so we kept him home today, but his symptoms seem more like allergies.

At Justus' appointment they cleaned a lot of junk out of his ear. He cannot get water in it at all as fungus is rampant in it. We have to put a "wash" in it 2x a day and keep it completely protected during his showers. The wash is intended to really clean it and get all the fungus out so that in 2 weeks when he goes back they can see if there is any cholesteatoma in it. At that time they will determine if there is any in it and if he needs surgery.

Richard is not going to the doctor. He is self medicating. He says he thinks it is an inflamed/infected tonsil and it seems to be staying about the same. His voice seems to be OK, but I'm not sure how painful it will be when he preaches. Please just keep him in your prayers, especially Sunday. At this point it would be Tuesday before he could see a doctor because he has class on Monday.

Lastly, I'm hanging in there, but on top of all this we have also had plumbing issues for the past several weeks. The plumber has been here 3x. We are beginning to think it could be a city issue at the street, but not sure. It has affected my ability to keep up my laundry, so I'm off to a Laundry Mat tomorrow...out of town as ours here in Hamilton is nasty. I do so appreciate all of your continued prayers and the love and support you have all sent our way! I will certainly call on you if it gets to be too much! I promise!!!

Love to you all!!!

P.S. On a happy note, Justus has made the Varsity baseball team as a pitcher. He also plays outfield. He seems to be enjoying it.

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queen of sheba said...

Wow! I am here for you what ever you may need! And, GO JUSTUS!