Friday, February 27, 2009

Wesley Wesley Wesley

OH!!!!! My!!!!!!! Where do I begin? Lately with Wesley I have realized that the 2's were not so terrible! In fact, they were downright pleasant compared to the 3's! OK, I realize I'm using lots of exclamation points, but believe me when I tell you that they are justified. This week has been quite challenging with him to say the least. I wish I had pictures of it all, now, but I think this last incident of which I do have pics will certainly make my point. :)

Lately he has been quite the little "destroyer"! I cannot leave him alone in a room with a book because he will tear it up. (I'm talking a split second) The day of Graham's Valentine Tea, I had left out the stickers and ribbon from wrapping up his teachers' presents. I went to take my shower and when I got out, well there was Wesley with heart smiley face stickers all over him-even on his back, which I have no idea how he got them there. And, a whole spool of curling ribbon was strewn all over the dining and living rooms. Wednesday he used my tube of "Head-On" headache medicine (which I don't usually leave in his reach) to "color" the red fabric recliner and the floor. Honestly I was just glad he didn't eat it! And, speaking of colors...he also cannot be left alone with crayons. He starts out fine, coloring in his coloring book but it just isn't enough to keep him satisfied. Again, Wednesday, while Graham was napping, Wesley took a black crayon and colored our front door (it's painted white), one of the living room walls, the t.v. screen and the wood top of the t.v., the wood arms of our futon and the futon cushion (which I had the cover off washing at the time so that was not such a big deal.) I had just bought my first Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for such events and it did in fact work, thankfully (for Wesley's sake!). And, on that same Wednesday he poured out a bag of chips in the living room floor. Needless to say, we were in GREAT need of church by that night!

The latest incident happened yesterday to Richard. He had Wesley with him because I had a migraine that came on in the early afternoon. Wesley was playing in the nursery in a room that is nothing but toys and storage cabinets or countertops...very kid friendly. BUT, he went next door into the center room where there is a counter top and out on it was the ink pads they had used at Team Kid the night before to put "tattoos" on their hands. He also got into some markers that were out, too. Needless to say, it wasn't pretty!!! He looked like he "bathed" in the ink. In addition, he got ink and marker on the newly painted walls of that room and the other "kid-friendly" room and on some carpet in the hallway. It would have been fine if it had been the carpet in the nursery because it's about to be taken up and replaced with laminate wood. Richard cleaned the walls best he could and will be touching up the paint tomorrow and the church already had an appointment for the carpets to be cleaned! (Of course I'm praying they have REALLY good spot removal.)

I know, as my friend Cameron reminds me, "this, too, shall pass!" I love this age because he is always discovering new things and he is so much fun and entertaining...really we do not have need of a t.v. between him and Graham! I'm just REALLY ready for the destructive stage to end! :) He is one of the great joys of my life!!! I'll just make sure I keep a good supply of Magic Erasers (put up out of reach of course.) LOL


Uh-oh, the guilt is setting in, now!

I should be grateful he didn't paint his face-he would definitely have been "black-faced"!


queen of sheba said...

That is truly funny. Did you see the post on my Spencer kids blog where M tried helping dad shine his was everywhere. I was worried about the hard wood getting stained but alcohol took it right off. I am sure to have many days of this to look forward to ;)

The Hall's said...

I feel your pain! Elleigh never did anything like this but my last 3 wow! INTO EVERYTHING!!! I can't take my eye off them! Yes, this to shall pass!

The Hall's said...

Oh, and he looks more like Richard everyday!

JGWmom said...

Rebecca - I did see that post! He was so cute!!! YES, you will have many more days like that to look forward to.

Cameron - Thanks for feeling my pain! I know you do. I didn't write about it, but I thought of you because the whole reason I was washing the futon cover was because Wesley's pull-up had leaked out poop in several places on it...SIGH!!! I think you are right about his looks changing to look more like Richard, too. :)

The Hall's said...

HA! Yes, you were being more tactful than I and not writing about poop!!!

Sallie almost 4 years ago wrote all over my mom and dad's new leather sofa with a permanent marker. GREAT! Might I add it was the day that my dad came home from having 6 heart by-passes. What a day! What are we going to do with these kids!?!? In case I haven't told you toothpaste will get perm marker off hard surfaces. Lizzie wrote on our front door with one and it took it off. I use Magic Eraser on most everything but it wouldn't budge that.

JGWmom said...

Thanks for the toothpaste tip. I am sure I will have the opportunity to use it! Ha! Wow! your sofa story! I better go ahead now and send a "Wesley-Proofing" list to my family for when we come home in a couple of weeks! Or, maybe I should just go ahead and buy the book your reading and maybe have a new kid by Spring Break! Ha!
Love ya!

HD said...

Oh my goodness, Landon did the exact same thing about six months ago. Damon was gone for fishing/hunting expedition, I never can remember, and I was busy with Emma. Landon wanted to color with markers. I left him in his room, because usually he's pretty good. When I came back in about half and hour later, his stomach was colored, his face, his hands, his feet, and his socks!! His favorite color is red, so you can guess what color he picked! The bath looked like something out of a horror movie with the red tinge to the water. So glad they were washable!! I feel your pain, because I think my daughter is going to be even worse!! She's already climbing on stuff, and her favorite past time is hanging out with her brother, whether he wants her to or not! Her favorite thing to do is to go into his room while he's watching a dvd, and punch the power button on his tv or dvd player. ahhh, this too shall pass.