Saturday, February 14, 2009

Graham's Valentine Tea at the Circle T

Yesterday Graham got a real treat at school. It is customary for the Kindergarten classes at his school to have a Valentine Tea at the rodeo arena that is out from town called the Circle T. They have a really nice restaurant and as you will see in the posted video a nice place to dance as well. In preparation for this event they were taught some etiquette so as to know how to handle a tea cup (made of real china). And they were taught to waltz and Texas 2-step. As you will also see in the video, I'm pretty sure Graham was more like 1-stepping (Make sure you watch for the twirl and watch all the way to the end). But he and his cute little partner, Brianna, did a good job and really were sweet to watch! Also notice that they are all dressed in their best western dress. There was one "couple" who color coordinated...she had on a red velvet dress and he had on a red vest...too cute! I've also posted a slide show of some pics so you can see the Tea Party as well. The decorations were really pretty and it was a really nice treat for them. Graham came home with a gallon sized ziploc bag full of valentines, too! He was so sweet sharing all his duplicates with Wesley and of course he threw away the ones with girly pictures like Barbie and princesses...that he gets from his daddy!
Of course as I stood and watched him dancing so grown-up like, I almost lost it. I had a flash back of holding him when he was just an infant. Where does the time go? Enjoy!!!

P.S. In the slide show there is a pic of Graham holding a certificate. It is for him being chosen Citizen of the Month for January in his class. We were sent a very nice letter from his principal congratulating him and us. And they took a picture of him to post in the local newspaper.

P.S.S. The 2 pics of Wesley are of him decked out in heart stickers and ribbon which he got all in to while I was showering and getting ready to go to Graham's Tea. Of course, the one of him pouting is because he thought he was in trouble...but I couldn't bring myself to get on to him...he was just too little Valentine!


queen of sheba said...

AWWW! Hey, I thought Baptist weren't supposed to dance! HA! Just kidding.

I absolutely LOVED the video, has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen, I am so glad you posted this. He's getting so big. I miss y'all.

The Hall's said...

That is adorable! What a cute idea!

Bonnie said...

Ok, so I have to admit that I don't know you. I saw your link on Harmony's blog and I peeked. Well, then I saw that you had a video of the dance, and I actually missed it Friday. I was out of town. So I watched your video looking for my daugher... and I found her! I know that I was supposed to watch your son (he's a doll, by the way) but I really wanted to see my baby.

Bonnie (Ashlyn's mom)

JGWmom said...

Bonnie, you are so welcome!!! I'm so glad you got to see your daughter on here! They were ALL so cute that day! I'm sorry you missed it. Anytime you want to stop by here you are more than welcome to do so!!! :)