Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...The Rest of the Story

As you all know we Harveys are famous for the "rest of the story"! (Well, at least one Harvey is...Uncle Richard refers to him. He He!) So I am going to follow in his footsteps here. Apparently I was a bit premature in my reporting last night about our storm. As I told you in my previous post, the hail was very loud. What I don't think I mentioned was how the winds howled too. I didn't hear the "freight train" sound, but there was definitely major howling taking place. When Richard returned home this morning from taking Justus to school, I heard him talking to our neighbor outside our bedroom window. From what I could hear of their conversation, I knew there must have been some damage...and there was. Richard took the following pics of the limbs which fell out of our tree onto their power lines. Fortunately they did not lose power, but did lose their cable. Also there is a pic of a limb down in our back yard on my clothes line and all the debris which settled against the back fence. He told me that our other next door neighbor had lost some of her siding on the west side of her house and that the metal roof of the 2-story house next to her had been peeled back some. It was still attached, but was flapping in the wind. Our Sonic's sign was blown out as well. So, I retract my statement from last night. Maybe the tornado reported in Hamilton was on top of us! Again, I am thankful for the Lord's protective care!!! :)

Limb on Clothesline

Debris along back fence

Limb on Neighbor's cable line

BIG limb (Yellow house is our neighbor)

Broad view

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The Hall's said...

Wow! Looks like there was a reason for those warnings!