Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hail in Hamilton

We have had a tumultuous couple of days weather-wise here. On Sunday the winds blew strong all day...sustained 25-30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. Since we have lived here we have had many days like this. If Chicago is the windy city, Texas is definitely the windy state! So I did not think too much of it except that I knew later on that night it was supposed to storm. When Richard and Justus returned home from church (I had kept the little sickly boys home) they told me that the wind was so strong that it blew off one of our van's back windows and it had smashed on the pavement. The window was missing the arm and lock to keep it securely closed. Undoubtedly a gust opened it and the force blew it off...crazy!!! So, later that evening the rains did come and they were heavy, but no storms. We have been terribly dry here, so the rain was welcomed!
Fast forward to tonight. A little while ago, about 8:15 p.m., we were all in different parts of the house. Richard and the boys were in the living room. Justus was in his room and I was in our room talking to my friend Scarlett on the computer. I heard a distant clap of thunder and knowing we were in for some possibly severe weather I told her I had to go so I could start a load of laundry before the storms got here. I then proceeded to shut down the computer in case of strong lightning. Just as I began the process, I thought maybe I should turn it back on to see exactly how close the storms were. Before I could, though, I got my answer. I have never heard such loud winds and hail. I just knew the hail was going to break my living room windows. The lights went off about 3-4 times, but came back on quickly. I made the boys get into the hallway and I scurried around to find batteries for 2 more flashlights. We did have 2 working already. The winds howled and althought the lightning was flashing I could not even hear the thunder because of how loud the hail was. I'm posting pics of the hail which was pea to quarter sized in diameter. About 10-15 minutes later it was all over. As I got back on the computer to see if more was coming, the weather channel site showed that Hamilton was under a Tornado Warning. I'm sure it was not on top of us, but I don't doubt that it was nearby. I'm troubled because our sirens which are tested every Friday like clockwork did NOT go off. I think tomorrow I will be making a trip to Alco to buy a weather radio.

Thank you, Lord, that even when storms (of ALL kinds) hit suddenly and without warning to us that You are not surprised and You are ABLE to protect us and get us through!!!

"My help comes from the Lord, who MADE the heavens and the earth!" Psalm 121:2


The Hall's said...

Glad you did this post. Elleigh kept saying last night, mama they have tornado warnings for Hamilton. We were concerned. It got rough here for just a little bit but not long at all and not too bad. So thankful! It is a beautiful day today!

JGWmom said...

Yes, we are thankful, too! Thank Elleigh for looking out for us!!! It IS a beautiful day, today!